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January 31, 2011

Bazaar Encrypted Credential Store for Windows

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A new plugin bzr-wincrypt stores passwords encrypted in the Windows CryptoAPI keyring.

October 1, 2010

bzr 2.2 even faster

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A nice mail from Martitza this morning:

Hi.  Some of you may recall that I’ve provided measurements of some slow operations in both bzr itself and bzr-explorer based on bzrlib 2.1 and earlier.  I don’t recall doing any testing on bzr 2.2.0 specifically, but now that I’m on bzr 2.2.1 bzr (and bzr-explorer) are noticeably faster and even more pleasant to use now.   So far it seems that each of the add/commit/status operations on sets of 10K+ files (500MB+ branches) takes no more than two or three minutes each.  This is twice as fast as some of my previous measurements on the same or smaller branches.  Also, memory consumption is much reduced, which I suspect helps a lot.  I even have one of these large repos hosted on an old 512MB Pentium 3 machine with no problem today.  This is wonderful!  I hesitate to name the people I know made this possible, because I do not want to leave out the many more people whose contributions I don’t know.  Please accept my thanks to the whole team.

January 4, 2010

TortoiseBzr i18n

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TortoiseBzr (integration into the Microsoft Windows shell) is now being internationalized, with Japanese and Spanish translations now almost complete.

If you speak any language other than English, you can help with translation.

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