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March 20, 2009

Brisbane sprint report

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All of the meeting rooms in the Ibis Brisbane are named after
British/Australian explorers. It was probably a good sign that ours
was named after one of the most successful, Matthew Flinders. At least he didn’t get lost and die horribly…

We had a sprint for Canonical people interested in or working on
Bazaar: Aaron Bentley, Andrew Bennetts, Ian Clatworthy, James Westby, John Arbash Meinel, Jonathan Lange, Martin Pool, Robert Collins, and Vincent Ladeuil. I’m glad all came, particularly those who had to travel a long way.

The main point of the sprint was to develop and solidify the
brisbane-core format.
This was accomplished: we settled some open questions (especially on
using the groupcompress compressor), and showed it performing well in
many situations. Aaron is resuming work on finishing off nested tree
support, allowing separate branches to be linked in as subdirectories.

Some more random notes:

  • merged the groupcompress plugin into
    the brisbane-core branch, so now that
    branch is all you need for the new formats
  • finished a patch to kill autodetection of nested trees, which should
    mean we can use just one format that supports nested-trees and they’ll
    only be active if the user actually turns them on
  • log -v is now roughly twice the speed it was before the sprint.
  • measured brisbane-core storing the large Launchpad tree in roughly
    6x less space than 1.9
  • worked on content filtering integration with dirstate, so that we
    can handle newline conversion; finished the main patch to support it
  • talked about workflows for merge proposals for package branches, and settled how to link source branches to packages officially, and almost completed work to expose this through the api (which is the most useful bit)
  • fixed the tilde bug in urls
  • got a stacking bug fixed which was a regression from 1.12
  • bzr now does streaming push and pull, including for stacked
    repositories, and the server will no longer try to open stacked-on
    repositories itself; many fewer roundtrips; so the largest part of
    outstanding network problems are done. (To see the best performance
    you’ll need 1.14dev on both client and server.)
  • added a new conflict-diff command to bzrtools, and released bzrtools
  • fixed a bug in unicode symlink handling
  • mentored Bob Tanner to do the 1.13 release, the first in some time
    done by a non-Canonical contributor
  • settled that we’ll have the next one-week sprint in Barcelona at the
    same time and place as UDS
  • worked on a mysql-affecting bug
  • It was good.

    Going to these things always makes me wonder what Canonical would be like if we had just one big office…

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