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May 27, 2011

Fun at the Bazaar sprint

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Last week was the Bazaar sprint, which was fantastic and tiring. Somehow even the people who’d been at UDS just before made it through five packed days of fixing bugs, preparing releases, and debugging package imports. We were most hospitably hosted at the Canonical offices a long way up Millbank tower. But even those who couldn’t be there in person to enjoy the view were part of the experience. At home in the Ukraine Alexander wore his Bazaar shirt in support during the first day. On IRC larstiq and santagada ran the test suite on pypy and investigated incompatibilities. And all week we had a small robot John sitting in the middle of the table on the line from the Netherlands, working on performance bugs and offering helpful advice.

There were two new faces introduced. Max has been a stalwart maintaining the ~bzr PPAs and getting daily builds working. Jonathan is joining the Bazaar team on rotation from Kubuntu, which is very exciting for fans of qbzr. He started getting to know bzrlib by taking on some bugs tagged ‘easy’ and pair programming on harder ones. It was a bit tough to keep track of everything going on, but good progress was made on the Ubuntu Distributed Development front, the translation framework branches Naoki put together were landed, and lots of pet bugs were fixed. Download bzr 2.4b3 now to see the rest of the results for yourself.

After these long days in front of screens a nice meal out was a welcome treat. Over dinner we even managed to get on to topics other than code on occasion. On Thursday evening everyone went to As You Like It at the Globe as groundlings. Even with the language barrier to overcome for some of the sprinters, the comedy lived up to the categorisation. Trying to use the cycle hire scheme to travel there and back proved more of an obstacle. The bikes themselves were fine, provided you could get past the terrible computer interface and persuade the system to let you rent them. Now, if only they took patches for that…

May 2, 2011

QBzr 0.21 beta1: new features

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Thanks to our contributors we have a plenty of new exciting features and improvements in upcoming 0.21 release. I would like to give you a short tour over some of new features.

qdiff dialog now has new look and feel based on the nice toolbar (similar toolbar Gary has added for qannotate in past releases):

qdiff toolbar

New toolbar in qdiff dialog

As you can see qdiff now has Find text feature, you can invoke this mode clicking by “Find” button on toolbar (or using Ctrl+F hotkey):

Find in qdiff


search: not found (as in firefox)

Not found

qdiff options are in View Options submenu on toolbar, you’ll find there “Complete” knob (to see full-text for all changed files),  encoding selectors (for every pane) and even new knob: Ignore whitespace changes.

qdiff options submenu

qdiff options

You can also force option “Ignore whitespace changes” from command-line with new qdiff command-line option –ignore-whitespace (short form -w).

Also, now you can control the size of tab characters in qdiff, qannotate and qcat windows via configurable option (tab_width). You can set this option either in bazaar.conf or individually for branches in their branch.conf. Global option can be edited via qconfig dialog:

qconfig dialog

Configure tab width via qconfig

Other improvements in upcoming release also include changes to qinfo dialog (it now shows the same information as CLI bzr info), qcommit now remembers “Show non-versioned” knob state, you can open files in their native applications while browsing treeless branches (or branches on remote servers) and other changes (see NEWS.txt for the full list of improvements and bugfixes).

Many thanks to all people who help us make new QBzr release awesome, especially: A. S. Budden, Dorin Scutarașu, Glen Mailer and many others, see NEWS.txt for details.

December 4, 2009

Selecting file encoding in QBzr

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Naoki INADA recently provided nice patch for QBzr which added handy encoding selector to QBzr windows where content of user files is shown, including diff viewer (qdiff command), annotation viewer (qannotate command) and file content viewer (qcat and  qviewer commands). This feature is in the trunk now and will be released with QBzr 0.17.

This is very useful feature for all who works with non-ascii documents. By default QBzr assumes that encoding of your document is UTF-8, and this is safe default for Linux users. Unfortunately on Windows documents typically created in ANSI encoding (e.g. CP1251 for Russian, CP1252 for Western Europe, and so on). So having the way to specify encoding to see your actual text instead of $%^&#@&* garbage is very important.

So now you can control the encoding not only from command-line (option --encoding) but from GUI as well. Encoding selector(s) available at the bottom of dialogs as combobox. Such encoding selector is very important for users of TortoiseBzr and Bazaar-Explorer, because they’re using QBzr dialogs from corresponding GUI applications.

Diff viewer:

qdiff window with encoding selector at bottom


qannotate window with encoding selector

Selected encoding is remembered and saved in branch configuration file branch.conf as encoding = xxx.

Hint: if you most of the time working with files of one encoding, you can put the encoding setting in main configuration file bazaar.conf:

email = Joe Random <>
encoding = cp1251

And this settings will be used by default for all branches where no encoding specified in command-line or branch.conf.

November 10, 2009

Bazaar Explorer, now in Lithuanian!

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The Bazaar Explorer GUI is now available in 11 human languages (and partially translated into a few more) including Algis Kaballa’s recent translation into Lithuanian.


November 8, 2009

New Working Tree Features in QBzr

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A number of new features have been added to QBzr, related to the management of your working tree. These feature are available from both qbrowse, and qcommit, and are available in the qbzr 0.16 release.

Screenshot of the new working tree context menu, including Merge conflict, Mark conflict resolved, Rename, Remove.

As you can see in the screen shot, we now show conflicts in the status column. Behind the scenes, “Merge conflict” uses extmerge, so that need installed and configured to work. “Mark conflict resolved” does a bzr resolve on the selected file.

“Remove” will unversion, and remove the file. It will prompt you if there are uncommitted changed that will be removed.

Moving and renameing

There are 3 new features that allow you to move or rename a file:

  • You can select rename from the context menu, and enter a new name.
  • You can move a file by drag it to a new folder.
  • If you have renamed or moved a file outside of bzr, you can select the old path (missing), and the new path (unversoined) and chose “Mark as moved/renamed”.
    Screenshot of Mark as Moved

July 20, 2009

Pending merge information from qcommit.

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When commiting pending merges, I often first go into qlog, and copy one of the commit messages of a pending merge, and then go into qcommit, and paste it. I wanted a quicker way to do this, so now, if you dbl click on a revision in qcommit, it will open a window, based on the diff window, that has the revision properties and message at the top.

Revision information of a pending merge, opened from qcommit.

This is available in the qbzr trunk, and should be included in the qbzr 0.13 release.

February 27, 2009

new revision selector in qbzr

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qbzr is one of the graphical interfaces to bzr. It’s the default interface on Windows, and also popular on Linux.

garyvdm added a nice new revision selector control to qbzr:


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