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January 18, 2010

Bazaar 2.1, coming through

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[I tried before to describe everything; it was too long.  Take two.]

Bazaar 2.1 is going to feature-freeze later this week and release next month.  We’ll support 2.1 with bugfix updates for at least a year, perhaps more.  2.1 has over 200 bug fixes and incremental improvements (see the release notes), and a mostly-new system adminstrator’s guide.  Memory usage for many operations has halved, and John released off the Meliae Python memory profiler that he built while doing this.

Much of the feature innovation happened in plugins including (Explorer, Pipeline, builddeb and bzr-colo) rather than the core, which perhaps is as it should be for an increasingly mature product. We now have a kind of Good Food Guide(tm) for bzr plugins.

I like what we’ve done, but beyond 2.1 it would be nice to do a larger headline feature, as well as incremental fixes. On the Canonical side it’s going to largely go by feedback from Ubuntu developers as they use Bazaar more widely.

January 4, 2010

TortoiseBzr i18n

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TortoiseBzr (integration into the Microsoft Windows shell) is now being internationalized, with Japanese and Spanish translations now almost complete.

If you speak any language other than English, you can help with translation.

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